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Latest Hotline -- Executive Nominations - Military Promotions

5:05 PM || April 9, 2014
Executive Nominations -- Military Promotions
#745 To be Brigadier General
Colonel David P. Baczewski
Colonel Jeffrey W. Burkett
 Colonel Conrad C. Caldwell, III
 Colonel Jeffrey B. Cashman
 Colonel Charles W. Chappuis
 Colonel Joel A. Clark
 Colonel Patrick J. Cobb
 Colonel Thomas B. Cucchi
 Colonel John B. Daniel
 Colonel George M. Degnon
 Colonel William D. DeHaes
 Colonel William D. Dockery, Jr.
 Colonel Andrew E. Halter
 Colonel Timothy J. Harmeson
 Colonel Paul G. Havel
 Colonel Jill L. Hendra
 Colonel Alan K. Hodgdon
 Colonel Joseph M. Jabara
 Colonel Wendy K. Johnson
 Colonel Timothy M. Jones
 Colonel Thomas J. Kennett
 Colonel Kerry L. Muehlenbeck
 Colonel Timothy A. Mullen
 Colonel John W. Ogle, III
 Colonel Ryan T. Okahara
 Colonel Russell A. Rushe
 Colonel David P. San Clemente
 Colonel Diana M. Shoop
 Colonel Jesse T. Simmons, Jr.
 Colonel David A. Simon
 Colonel Mark C. Snyder
 Colonel John G. Sotos
 Colonel Ronald C. Stamps
 Colonel Randolph J. Staudenraus
 Colonel Scott A. Studer
 Colonel Michael R. Taheri
 Colonel Ronald B. Turk
 Colonel Steven C. Warren
 Colonel Roger E. Williams, Jr.
 Colonel Ronald W. Wilson
Colonel Bryan F. Witeof
 Colonel Brett A. Wyrick
 Colonel Ricky G. Yoder
#746 Lt. Gen. John E. Hyten – to be General
#747 Maj. Gen. Wendy M. Masiello – to be Lieutenant General
#748 Rear Adm. (lh) Margaret G. Kibben – to be Rear Admiral
#749 Capt. Brent W. Scott – to be Rear Admiral (lower half)
#750 Vice Adm. Sean A. Pybus – to be Vice Admiral
#751 Col. John R. Ewers, Jr. – to be Major General 

And all nominations on the secretary's desk for the Marine Corps
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