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Cloakroom Wrap Up Memo -- Cloakroom Wrap Up - 3-31-14

8:04 PM || March 31, 2014
Cloakroom Wrap Up
Roll Call Votes:
Confirmation of John Owens to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the 9th Circuit. Confirmed. (56-43)
Motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to H.R.4302, SGR/Doc Fix. Waived. (64-35)
Passage of H.R.4302, SGR/Doc Fix. Passed. (64-35)
Wrap Up:
S.Res.405 – National Assistant Principals Week
S.Res.406 – Junior Auxiliaries Day
S.Res.407 – Jeremiah Denton
Executive Nominations:
PN1058, Kelly R. Welsh, of Illinois to be General Counsel of the Department of Commerce
Cal # 714 Major General Anthony J. Rock to be Lieutenant General
Cal # 715 Major General Thomas J. Trask to be Lieutenant General
Cal # 716 Colonel Andrew J. Toth to be Brigadier General
Cal # 717 Lieutenant General Darren W. McDew to be General
Cal # 718 Lieutenant General Bradley A. Heithold to be Lieutenant General
Cal # 719 Colonel Robert I. Miller to be Brigadier General
Cal # 720 Lieutenant General William B. Garrett, III to be Lieutenant General
Cal # 721 Major General Herbert R. McCaster, Jr. to be Lieutenant General
Cal # 722 Colonel Robert D. Tenhet to be Brigadier General
Cal # 723 Colonel Bertram C. Providence to be Brigadier General
Cal # 724 Major General Bennet S. Sacolick to be Lieutenant General
Cal # 725 Vice Admiral Michael S. Rogers to be Admiral
Cal # 726 Vice Admiral John W. Miller to be Vice Admiral
Cal # 727 Captain David A. Lane to be Rear Admiral (lower half)
Cal # 728 the following to be Major General:
Brigadier General Brian D. Beaudreault
Brigadier General Vincent A. Coglianese
Brigadier General James W. Lukeman
Brigadier General Carl E. Mundy, III
Brigadier General Daniel J. ODonohue
Brigadier General Richard L. SImcock, III
Brigadier General Gary L. Thomas
Tuesday, April 1st, 2014:
The Senate will convene at 10:00am and, following any Leader remarks, will proceed to a period of morning business for one hour. Following morning business, the Senate will resume consideration of H.R.3979, the vehicle for the Unemployment Insurance Extension. The Senate will recess from 12:30pm until 2:15pm to allow for the weekly caucus meetings.