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Latest Hotline -- Thursday Vote Forecast

11:14 AM || March 27, 2014
Thursday Vote Forecast
At 12:00 noon, there will be a series of three roll call votes in relation to the following (one of two of which might go by voice):
1.)    Menendez-Corker amendment #2867 to H.R. 4152
2.)    Passage of H.R. 4152, as amended, if amended
3.)    Confirmation of the nomination of Cal. #689, Maria Contreras-Sweet, to be Administrator of the Small Business Administration.
Further, the Leaders will enter into a unanimous consent agreement to move up the two pending cloture votes so that votes in relation to the following would occur at approximately 2:00pm today:
1) Cloture on the motion to proceed to S. 1845, the UI bill.
2) Cloture on the nomination of Cal # 573 John Owens to be US Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit
Cloture time on S. 1845, the UI bill and Cal # 573, the Owens nomination would not be yielded back until Monday March 31st at 5:30pm. At that time the Senate will proceed to roll call votes on confirmation and the motion to proceed.