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Vote Alert -- Roll Call Votes Rescheduled

9:46 AM || February 6, 2014
Roll Call Votes Rescheduled
For the information of all Republican Senators, Senators should expect up to three roll call votes at 2:00 pm today. The two roll call votes previously expected at 11:00am this morning in relation to S.1845, the Unemployment Insurance bill, will now occur at 2:00pm on the following: 1) Motion to invoke cloture on Reed amendment #2714, and, if cloture is not invoked, 2) Motion to invoke cloture on S.1845.

Following the 2 votes in relation to UI, if cloture is not invoked on either the Reed amendment or the underlying bill, we expect the Senate will proceed to a roll call vote on confirmation of the Baucus nomination to be Ambassador to China.