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Latest Hotline -- S. 1846, Flood Insurance

11:15 AM || January 16, 2014
S. 1846, Flood Insurance
The majority leader in consultation with the minority leader would like to enter into a unanimous consent agreement on S. 1846, the Flood Insurance Bill. The agreement would be as follows:

At a time to be determined by the two Leaders, the Senate proceed to the consideration of Cal. #266, S. 1846, that a Menendez substitute amendment be considered, that the following amendments to the substitute be agreed to:

Hagan (escrow provision)

Rubio (discolure/monthly payments)

King (reimbursement of expenses)

Blunt (remodeling)

That the substitute amendment be agreed to and considered original text for the purpose of further amendment, and that the only other amendments in order be the following:

Reed (RI) (community based policy study)

Coburn (NARAB alternative)

Merkley (forced placed insurance)

Toomey (cap on annual premium increases w/spending offset)

Whitehouse (fees for map change requests)

Lee/Heller (state authority – private flood insurance)

Gillibrand  (mitigation guidelines)

Paul (audit the Fed)

That no second degree amendments be in order to any of these amendments, and that there be 30 minutes of debate equally divided on each amendment; there be up to one hour of general debate on the bill equally divided between the proponents and opponents, that it be in order for Senator Crapo, or his designee, to raise a budget point of order against the bill, that if such a point of order is raised, Senator Menendez, or his designee, be recognized to move to waive the budget point of order, that upon use or yielding back of time, the Senate proceed to vote on the motion to waive, that if the motion to waive is agreed to, the Senate proceed to votes in relation to the amendments to the substitute in the order listed, that upon disposition of the amendments, the bill be read a third time, and the Senate proceed to a vote on passage of the bill, as amended.

If your Senator has an objection to locking in this consent agreement, please phone the cloakroom.