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Tariff Earmarks in the News

There's been increasing attention paid to the issue of duty suspensions and the Misc. Tariff Bill - and particularly how it resembles the earmarking process.   

The Washington Examiner recently ran an editorial on it and mentioned some of the work I have done.     Please take a few moments to read the whole editorial.  

While proponents claim MTBs aren’t earmarks, they can easily serve as a backdoor alternative. As the Heritage Foundation’s Thomas Jones explained in a recent report, the basic steps for earmarks and MTBs are quite similar in the Senate and the House:
• Lobbyists visit congressional offices and ask for a special dispensation.
• Congressmen then select the “causes” they will champion.
• Next, rank-and-file congressmen ask their more influential committee chairmen to insert their special interest provision in broader legislation.
• Finally, the broader bill is approved by Congress and signed into law by the president.
Examiner Editorial: Senators and representatives find creative new ways to earmark tax dollars