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Fighting for Conservative Leaders and Values

Aaaaannnnnd, SCENE.

I was hoping that our guys would wise up and realize that the amnesty bill is terrible policy and terrible politics and decide to fight.   Crazy talk.  This afternoon, the Minority Leader threw in the towel.   

He sent out a clear message that he's looking forward to a Conference with the House...because great things happen in conference committees?!?   

The good guys in the Senate need to do all they can to prevent this thing from going to conference with the House.   Once this thing gets behind closed doors, they're going to cook a deal and throw it in the lap of the Senate and there will be nothing Senators will be able to do to stop the bill from being signed into law.     

Republicans need to remember that it takes numerous motions to appoint conferees and go to conference.  Our good guys can't be intoxicated by the jet fumes that the Dems pump into the Senate chamber to entice Senators not to object, lest they miss their flight home.   Practice with me conservatives, "Mr. President, I object."  Lather. Repeat.  

Press conference at this link.