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Summer Jobs Funding For Radical Organizations

As some of you may have read, Senator Sanders seems to have been successful in tucking $1.5 Billion in summers jobs spending into the immigration bill.    In typical Senate fashion this bill is moving pretty quickly and there's not enough time to sift through everything, but I wanted to provide a quick glimpse at some of the things I am seeing.    

Let's start with a quick look at where Title V of the immigration bill is sending the money.  

(a) IN GENERAL.—From the funds available under  section 5102(c), the Secretary of Labor shall make an allotment under subsection (c) to each State that has a modification to a State plan approved under section 112  of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (29 U.S.C. 2822) (referred to in this section as a ‘‘State plan modification’’)

This essentially means the money goes to the states and to Workforce Investment Boards which then dole it out to local entities below them.  In Los Angeles that is the LA Workforce Investment Board which

The City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board (WIB) oversees the expenditure of more than $50 million in public funds annually. Board members are appointed by the Mayor from the leadership ranks of the education, economic development and organized labor fields as well as other key players in the Los Angeles economy.

Summer and year-round youth programs give young Angelenos the opportunity to attain employment skills and transition from high school to secondary education, employment, or both. ... A list of available youth services and a map of youth centers can be found on the WIB's Services, Youth Job Seekers page.

A quick look at the "Services, Youth Job Seekers" page shows that these funds can easily be distributed to radical organziations:

South Los Angeles-Watts YouthSource Center
Operated by Watts Labor Community Action Committee

958 E 108th St, Los Angeles 90059

A quick look at the Watts Labor Community Action Committee raises some concerns about this organization possibly receiving funding from the immigration bill.  The group seems to have a curious view on the Rodney King riots in 1992, characterizing them as a rebellion.

In the early 1980’s, Ted worried the community was being starved for resources again and another rebellion would take place: In 1992 it happened. 
Despite the WLCAC being targeted and burned to the ground, destroying more than twenty years of work, Ted led the rebuilding of the WLCAC, overseeing the reconstruction of the first building in Watts to rise again, just one year after the ‘92 rebellion

 The WLCAC also has a curious view of the American prison system:


In addition to their peculiar views on the propriety of punishment in American society, the Twitter feed for WLCAC reads like a left wing manifesto.   This shouldn't be surprising, the left has been using various government programs to fund their idealogical allies for ages.   

This review is just a first quick examination of the program.  As the bill is reviewed I'm sure it we will get a better understanding of what's in it. But as Speaker Pelosi famously said, we'll have to pass it to figure out what's in it.