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Pleased to hear the NRSC's new-found opposition to career politicians #potkettle

in my inbox a few moments ago: 

As you know, on June 25th there is a special election in Massachusetts.

Republican nominee Gabriel Gomez is a former Navy SEAL and successful businessman. His opponent has been in Congress for over 36 years. The last thing we need in the US Senate is another career politician.

Even if you don't live in Massachusetts you can help spread the word about Gomez.

Click here to connect with your friends using our new Facebook App. It's a fast and easy way for your to make a real difference in the upcoming election.  A Facebook message from a friend is one of the most effective motivators to turn out on Election Day.

This innovative tool allows you to connect with your friends living in Massachusetts and spread the word about Gabriel Gomez and remind them to vote on June 25th.

Thank you,

Matt Lira
Deputy Executive Director