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Latest Hotline -- Executive Nominations

4:59 PM || December 17, 2013
Executive Nominations



Cal.460 Brigadier General Paul S. Dwan to be Major General


Cal.461 the following to be Major General

Brigadier General Catherine A. Chilton

Brigadier General Stayce D. Harris

Brigadier General William Waldrop, Jr.

Brigadier General Tommy J. Williams


Cal.462 Colonel Josef F. Schmid, III to be Brigadier General


Cal.463 the following to be Brigadier General

Colonel Talentino C. Angelosante

Colonel James R. Barkley

Colonel Thomas G. Clark

Colonel Michael J. Cole

Colonel Samuel C. Mahaney

Colonel Brett J. McMullen

Colonel Jose R. Monteagudo

Colonel Randall A. Ogden

Colonel John P. Stokes

Colonel Stephen D. Vautrain


Cal.464 Colonel Stephen E. Rader to be Brigadier General

Cal.465, Col. Michael T. McGuire to be Brigadier General

Cal.466, Maj. Gen. John W. Raymond to be Lieutenant General




Cal.467, Brig. Gen. Charles A. Flynn to be Major General

Cal.468, Lt. Gen. David G. Perkins to be General

Cal.469, to be Brigadier General:

                Col. James T. Iacocca

                Col. Daniel G. Mitchell

                Col. Kurt L. Sonntag

Cal.470, Col. Anthony L. Hall to be Brigadier General

Cal.471, Col. Paul S. Wilson to be Brigadier General, Judge Advocate General’s Corps

Cal.472 – Maj. Gen. Robert S. Ferrell to be Lieutenant General

Cal.473 – Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson to be Lieutenant General




Cal.474 – Rear Adm. (lh) Rebecca J. McCormick-Boyle to be Rear Admiral

Cal.475 – Vice Adm. Michelle J. Howard to be Admiral

Cal.476 – Adm. Mark E. Ferguson, III to be Admiral

Cal.477 – Rear Adm. Joseph P. Mulloy to be Vice Admiral


And all nominations on the Secretary’s desk in the Air Force, Army & Navy.
Call up and confirm.