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Vote Alert -- Vote Schedule - State Dept. Noms

11:09 AM || December 13, 2013
Vote Schedule
For the information of all Republican Senators, the next set of roll call votes will occur at 11:55am  today, on the following:

1.) Confirmation of the nomination of Cal. #444, Heather Anne Higginbottom, of the District of Columbia, to be Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Rescources.

2.) Motion to invoke cloture on the nomination of Cal. #406, Anne W. Patterson, of Virginia, a Career Member of the Foreign Service, Class of Career Ambassador, to be an Assistant Secretary of State.

At the conclusion of these two votes, the next votes will occur Monday, Dec. 16, at 5:30pm on confirmation of the Patterson nomination, followed by a cloture vote on the nomination of Cal. #450, Jeh Charles Johnson, to be an Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, and finally, a vote on confirmation of the Johnson nomination if cloture is invoked.