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Five Quick Questions to Ask Your Congressman or Senator Who Loves the “Vitter” Language in the Debt Limit Deal.

1) Why are you voting for patently unconstitutional language?

As I noted in my post last week, the Vitter language is clearly unconstitutional.  Now it's not very likely that a Member would challenge it (although their popularity at caucus lunches would skyrocket), but the 27th Amendment is pretty clear about varying compensation before the election of Representatives.

2) Will you support abolishing the Attending Physicians Office?

Members of Congress and Senators have their own government funded doctors in the Capitol.  I'm fairly confident few companies offer that perk.  Pretty sure it's not part of Obamacare. 

3) Will you refuse to raise the salaries of your staff to cover their health care costs? 

Supposedly the point of this amendment is to make Members of Congress, the President, cabinet members and staff feel the pain of having to live within Obamacare.  If they're just going to subsidize their staff salaries to cover their costs, it's not really sharing the pain.  Further if they do subsidize their salaries, staff will see a huge windfall in the form of increased retirement benefits. 

4) Will you refuse to see any doctor outside of those within the plans offered in the DC exchange?

Members have deep pockets – making at least $174,000 a year – and many having vast personal wealth.  Again if Members are supposed to be experiencing the exchanges in all their glory, they need to pledge not to see doctors outside the exchange plan and pay out of pocket and not to purchase supplemental insurance. (Also might be worth asking them to pledge not to call their influential friends to get them a last minute appointment with that coveted specialist at Cleveland Clinic or Johns Hopkins.)

5) Will you refuse to seek health care at Walter Reed Military hospital?

As Walter Reed National Military Medical Center notes part of it's mission is to, “provide care for the President and Vice-President of the United States, Members of Congress, and Justices of the Supreme Court.”  Members essentially get high quality concierge care at Walter Reed.  No one else in ObamaCare gets that.  Members should swear off this special Congressional perk.  (especially since they often get better care than soldiers and sailors)

The Vitter Amendment is all about face saving, and nothing about saving the American people from the ravages of Obamacare.  Further it wouldn't do anything to subject Members to all the indignity of Obamacare.

 And don't even get me started on how the President won't feel an ounce of pain from being subjected to his hallmark achievement.