339 Group

Fighting for Conservative Leaders and Values

The 339 Group exists to assist conservative candidates, causes, and issue groups effectively present their concerns and issues to voters and policy makers. The company is particularly skilled at conducting background research, developing  advocacy campaigns, building coalitions, and generating content. Because the 339 Group focuses exclusively on conservative candidates and issues and has a thorough understanding of conservative policy, clients can be assured that the message and materials produced by the 339 Group will resonate with conservative voters and policy-makers.   

The 339 Group strives to be more than just another Washington consulting firm, it is part of a movement to effect positive change in America and promote and grow the values conservatives care about.   The company exists to help individuals and organizations who would rather go about their day ignoring Washington, DC, but understand that because of the growth in government cannot afford to look away or let someone else run.   

Congress and the President produce proposals by the dozen daily that diminish freedom and promote dependence on Washington, the 339 Group exists to help those men and women who want an America where they can focus on their families, communities, and faith without having to look to Washington for approval.  


Who is the 339 Group?

The 339 Group is an effort by Tom Jones to put over fifteen years of experience on Capitol Hill and in the advocacy community to work for conservative candidates and groups.   

Tom has served in numerous positions on Capitol Hill as a senior conservative staffer.  Most recently he served as the Legislative Director for Senator Ron Johnson and previously as a Senior Policy Advisor to Senator Jim DeMint. In his current role he has assisted and advised conservative groups and candidates at the local, state, and national level. 

As a conservative in the Senate, Tom focused his energy on frustrating efforts to grow government and hand out federal largesse.   During his years on Capitol Hill, he helped lead efforts to block confirmation of flawed executive branch nominees, put an end to Congressional earmarks, block tax increases, and "hold" more bills than he can remember.    Throughout all these efforts he used his skills as a dogged researcher, writer, and team builder to ensure success.